Learning the Basics of Self-Regulation as a Trauma Survivor



The past year has been traumatic all by itself.  Whether you are reeling from the pandemic and the uncertainty that brings into your life or you are struggling with the civil unrest and the deep wounds that brings to the surface, the past year has been a lot for us all.  You could be dealing with both or with something totally different.  Either way, you have decided to reach out for services and support.

While you wait for an individual slot with me, or you just decided to invest in yourself in this way, I would love to share with you the first 5 sessions of my therapy process.  They are normally all pyschoeducation in nature. This process is designed to help you make sense of your reactions and symptoms while also learning to track your nervous system and interrupt old, negative patterns with healthier coping skills.

Consider taking this five-weeks course.  The format will be a replay of a previously recorded webinar where I shared the information for your consumption. You will have limited access to me via email for the five weeks of the course to ask questions and get clarification.

This course cost $150. There is no promise that a slot will be open upon completion of these 5 weeks if you are on my waitlist, but I hope this will help you develop some new skills as you navigate these trying times.

The course will consist of the following:

Week 1 – Trauma 101

Week 2 – The Nervous System

Week 3 – Trauma and the Body

Week 4 – Safety and Stabilization (aka Coping Skills)

Week 5 – What’s Next

NOTE: This course does not in any way substitute for therapy services. It is only meant to be used for educational purposes.


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