Trauma Treatment Training for Practices and Agencies

A comprehensive Trauma Treatment training program designed exclusively for private practice groups and agencies! Help your staff and clinicians make a profound impact on the lives of their clients. 

Do you truly desire to provide the most quality trauma treatment training to your clinicians and staff,


  • You feel OVERWHELMED by the pricing of the options out there.
  • You feel BOGGED DOWN with all the logistics involved with sending staff and clinicians to training.

  • You are STRUGGLING to find a qualified and skilled trainer.

Finding the right training can be time consuming, but you don't have to look any further.

Being a trauma treatment professional is HARD WORK and not having the training to navigate the tough cases can leave clinicians and staff feeling BURNTOUT, OVERWHELMED, and READY TO QUIT.

There’s a PROVEN way to increase client satisfaction, staff and clinician retention, and overall outcomes.

Our cutting-edge training equips your clinicians and staff with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to effectively address trauma, provide support, and facilitate healing, all while keeping their own well-being in mind.

Effective training is THE missing piece for your staff and clinicians!

I know, the thought of paying for training services seems risky, at best. You may be questioning whether the investment in trauma training will yield tangible benefits, such as increased client satisfaction, improved treatment outcomes, or a competitive advantage over other practices.


Investing in your clinicians and staff is WELL WORTH IT.  Ensuring that they are supported and confident in their trauma treatment skills is half the battle in making sure they provide quality trauma treatment. 


The best part is you will be growing their skillset and confidence so they can increase their client satisfaction and overall positive treatment goal outcomes, which means more opportunities for funding and referrals. Your return on investment will be significant.

The training will be designed to provide your staff and clinicians with customized skill development and support that allows them to be the best trauma treatment professionals they can possibly be.

What you can expect

My approach to creating training begins with listening to the specific needs of your staff and clinicians. I then tailor a customized training program, sharing concepts, theories, treatment approaches, and practical interventions that can be immediately applied. Throughout the training, there will be opportunities for participants to ask questions and seek guidance on maintaining ethical and effective practices when working with trauma clients. Additional support will be provided in the form of an hour-long group consultation, as an add-on to the training. By the end of our training sessions, participants will gain a clear understanding of how to effectively integrate their newly acquired skills, tools, and interventions into their treatment approach.

Explore possible topics to be included in your customized trauma treatment training:

The nervous system and the Polyvagal Theory in Trauma Treatment

Different types of trauma and how to approach them in treatment

Working with resistance in trauma treatment

Phases of trauma treatment

Assessing progress with trauma clients

Working with the brain and body in trauma treatment

Attachment theory and implications in trauma treatment

Assessing for trauma

Building a container for effective trauma healing

Self-care to avoid vicarious trauma and burnout 

Treatment planning with trauma in mind

If you don't see the topic you're looking for, no worries. Nina has a wealth of knowledge and will be glad to discuss your specific needs.

Looking forward to working with you!

I am passionate about collaborating with and supporting fellow mental health and helping professionals who are dedicated to improving their skills in addressing trauma-related mental health challenges while also emphasizing their own mental well-being.

I am equally committed to simplifying complex concepts associated with trauma treatment, ensuring they are easily understandable and readily applicable in the therapeutic process.

I would be delighted to assist your practice or agency with affordable brain and body-based trauma treatment training. Our program promises to enhance the skills of your staff and clinicians without straining your budget.

Learn more about Nina’s education and training here.


Frequently Asked Questions?

No, Nina will work with your schedule.

Yes, once all the details are worked out related to the format and content of the training, there will be a contract drafted and signed by all parties. 

We ask that practices or agencies host the training on their platform of choice, but it must have the capabilities to share slides and sound as well as provide breakout rooms. We also ask that the training host provide a moderator to manage the chat and technical difficulties that may arise for participants.

Feel free to send an email to with any questions you might have.

Yes, Nina would be happy to travel and provide in-person training to interested parties, with an additional fee. Please let Nina know you are interested in the in-person option when you discuss training.

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