What is Somatic Work in Trauma Treatment

Maybe you have heard of this term in the field and maybe you have some ideas of what it is referring to, or maybe you have no clue.

I learned how to treat trauma from a 100% cognitive standpoint.  I learned about the brain and behavior.  I never considered anything else that might be involved in the process of healing.

I got a job in management at a community mental health agency that was focused on treating trauma and attachment and there is where I started to hear about somatic work.  This idea of including the body was foreign to me but I was intrigued and I wanted to know more.

I started my journey on understanding how trauma doesn’t just impact the brain, but it also impacts the body and I had to consider both if I really wanted to help clients fully heal. 

In this week’s vlog, I share with you why you might want to consider somatic treatments for trauma and how they can help your clients reach their goals in the healing process.

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