Becoming A Trauma Treatment Professional



Becoming A Trauma Treatment Professional

A course designed to help you navigate the complex landscape of becoming a trauma treatment professional
Becoming a Trauma Treatment Professional is an online course designed to help you intentionally create the career you want in the field of trauma treatment.  This course is grounded in tried and true experience.  This course also provides a plethora of hands on activities to help you not only gain the knowledge, but immediately apply it to your journey. Lastly, this course will help you create a clear plan that you can use over the next 3 – 5 years in your career path to ensure a strong foundation to build upon for years to come.

By the end of this course you will have:

  • A clear understanding of how to decide which trainings and credentials are best for you.
  • An understanding of how and why it is important to niche  within the trauma treatment field.
  • Tools needed to build a strong support system.
  • An ability to create and engage in a self-care plan uniquely designed for you by you.
  • The ability to identify and advocate for your career goals as it relates to trauma treatment.
  • Tons of worksheets and activities to help you apply the information you learn along the way.
But above all Becoming a Trauma Treatment Professional online course will give you the direction you need to create the career in trauma treatment that you desire.

Having a Tried and True Roadmap to Becoming A Trauma Treatment Professional

Your time and resources are valuable.  Having a clear understanding of the things you should consider and how to make the best choices for yourself is essential in using your time and resources wisely.  It is also important to ensure you intentionally create the career you want and love.

Using the tips shared with you in this training has helped me time and time again make the best choices for myself as it relates to my trauma treatment career journey.  I have learned to create the opportunities I want and need by being intentional and having a plan.  

Growing your skills in trauma treatment can take a lot of time and money.  You want to make sure you have a clear road map to follow.  This course is designed to give you all the components you need to create that roadmap uniquely tailored for you.

Here’s a little about what your instructor, Nina, brings to this course:

Nina Keeler, LMFT is dedicated to partnering with other mental health professionals who desire to grow their skills working with trauma and attachment. She received her Master of Science from Kansas State University with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy.  During her time in graduate school, she fell in love with Play Therapy. She completed a Play Therapy certification program through KC Play Therapy Institute.  At the beginning of her career, she worked as a Social Services Case Manager and had the honor of working with many children and families suffering from trauma and attachment challenges.  This led her on a journey to learn about trauma and attachment.  She completed Dr. Dan Hughes’ level one Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy training in Maine.  She then went on to complete Eye Movement Densensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) training and the Integrative Attachment Trauma Protocol for Children through The Attachment and Trauma Center of Nebraska. Currently, she is working to become certified in Somatic Experiencing.

What’s Inside Becoming a Trauma Treatment Professional Online Course?

5 Modules with one video each no longer than 30 minutes.  You can work at your own pace to complete the course.

Lesson materials for each module.

Course Outline:

Module #1

Choosing the Right Training and Credentials For You

This module will gives you three tried and true ways to help you narrow the ever growing list of trainings and credentials in the trauma treatment field.

Module #2

Niching within the Niche

This module helps you consider all the trauma treatment populations you can work with and how to narrow it down to your main specialization(s).

Module #3

Building Connection and Community

In this module, you will learn the why and how of building community within the trauma treatment field.

Module #4

Self Care and Boundaries in Trauma Treatment

This module is designed to help you stay healthy and happy in your career.  You will create a self-care plan that is specifically designed with you in mind and also learn how to ensure you are keeping healthy boundaries with your clients.

Module #5

Progressing Your Trauma Treatment Career

This last module is design to help you figure out how to advocate with employers or how to set you mindset as a business owner to create the resources you need to progress your trauma treatment career.

Here is what past participants have said about past courses…

“…I liked the quality of the content provided…It was very practical.  I also liked the length of the lessons – not too long.”

“I liked being in close contact with Nina.  She was able to answer all my questions and provide further insights…which helped me to understand it further.”

“…The information was not hard to comprehend and there was a lot of it.”



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