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Resources to Grow Your Knowledge in Treating Trauma and Substance Use Disorders

There are so many resources out there on substance use, and that is not a bad thing. The more resources, the better chances are that people will get the help that resonates with them the most.

With the prevalence of substance use in trauma clients, it is imperative that we are aware and equipped to help clients navigate through their substance use concerns or effectively and efficiently refer them to the appropriate services.  

This week on the blog, we have chosen three resources out of the millions of options.  We thought these resources might be helpful as you are growing your awareness and knowledge in the area of substance use and trauma treatment. We know you are busy, and we hope this curated list below will be helpful in your continued professional development.

  1. Addiction and Recovery Podcast: The Populated Intersection between Trauma and Addiction
  • Trauma expert Dr. Stephanie Covington discusses the intersections between trauma and addiction, the high frequency of their combination, and the best approaches for treating both.
  1. Conversation Starters: When Clients are Prescribed Opioids
  • A flier designed to help clients ask their doctors questions to fully understand both the benefits and risks of prescription opioids to make sure they are getting care that is safe, effective, and right for them.
  1. Treatment Worksheets : Overcoming Your Drug and Alcohol Problem: Effective Recovery Strategies Workbook 
  • A workbook “designed to be used in conjunction with counseling or therapy, it focuses on special issues involved in stopping substance abuse and in changing behaviors or aspects of one’s lifestyle that keep the substance use problem active.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to resources available to you as a trauma treatment professional in the area of substance use treatment.  We encourage you to continue to grow in this area.  

Feel free to share more resources in the comments that you have found helpful, so the community can benefit.

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