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Resources to Continue Growing in Co-Regulation Skills

Co-regulation is the ability to be with another when they are in distress and help them calm down through your presence, patience, attunement, and ability to create a safe emotional and physical environment.

Co-regulating with a trauma client can be extremely helpful because it helps you model and teach regulation skills to your client while also holding you accountable to practicing good self-regulation as you hold space for your clients.

There are several different reasons why you would turn to co-regulation and also several ways you can use co-regulation in trauma treatment with clients. If you are interested in the why and how of using co-regulation, check out the free resources below.

  1. Complex Trauma Resources: Co-Regulation – Quick Blurb
    • This is a quick and easy to understand blurb to help you understand co-regulation more.  
  1. Connection and Co-Regulation in Psychotherapy-Dr. Arielle Schwartz – Blog Post
    • This is a more in-depth look at co-regulation and therapy and how to use co-regulation 
  1. Co-Regulation in Trauma Treatment – YouTube Video
    • Gives you some tips on ways to interweave co-regulation into your trauma treatment with clients. 
  1. How to Develop and Practice Self-Regulation – Article
    • Nice article on self-regulation and ways for children and adults to develop regulation skills.

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