COVID-19: The Hidden Threat & Working with Defense Responses in Trauma Clients

The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the world to its core, and while it has caused life as we knew it to come to a grinding halt, it has also triggered our clients and caused great discomfort.  Having a way to conceptualize what our clients are experiencing will help us feel empowered and potentially keep the work of healing from past trauma experiences while also dealing with this present-day trigger on track. 

I’ve always loved taking the present-day triggers and using them to help clients heal from their past experiences. 

In this week’s vlog, I share three things to consider as you help clients truly identify their defense response pattering using the COVID-19 pandemic while also learning about how to engage new and healthier patterning.  If this present-day trigger is conceptualized in the right manner, it can potentially be helpful in moving your client forward in their overall healing journey.

Check out this week’s vlog below.

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